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March Madness 2014 has rolled around and some people canít wait to watch the games, while others are excited about betting in an March Madness bracket pool to win some big bucks. Of course, if youíre betting this year, itís hard to say how the tournament will work out. But with a few tips in your corner, you might be able to increase the odds of winning your pool and successfully funding your bank account.

March Madness 2014 is Underway

The first game of the NCAA March Madness 2014 series will start on March 18. Securing the title could mean no more to viewers than the teams playing, but if youíre betting in an NCAA March Madness bracket with your friends, coworkers or even random people online, knowing who will win probably means a lot to you, too.

10 Tips for Winning Your NCAA March Madness Bracket

If youíve filled out an NCAA March Madness bracket for the menís basketball tournament, youíre one of 50 million Americans who have a strong opinion about who will come out on top. But whoís right and whoís wrong? Itís hard to say, but you can increase the odds being your NCAA March Madness bracket winner by considering the following tips:

1. Understand your pool: Donít just join a bracket pool without understanding what the stakes are, and how you can win the most for your buck. While most pools follow a standard pattern of increased points per round, you may find that some pools follow a different system.

2. Hold on to a couple of No. 1s: It may seem predictable, but teams ranked number one likely got there for a reason, which is why itís good to place a couple of number one teams in your Final Four.

3. Bank on a few upsets: No tournament ever goes without an upset, especially when it comes to the NCAA March Madness 2014 games. Look at potential match-ups and think about teams that give other teams a hard time, even if their ranking isnít as good.

4. Look for the underdog: Following the idea that there will be an upset in the tournament, pick considering picking a Final Four contender that has a decent shot, but isnít popular with the masses.

5. Consider your competition: If most of the people in your pool are in love with Indiana, increase your odds of winning by going with Kansas or another team that has a great shot. Part of increasing your odds is betting against the bunch.

6. Pick from top to bottom: It may be tempting to think solely from the perspective of later rounds, but if you want to build points for the ultimate win, be sure to think about how you can nail the early-round wins also.

7. Donít rely solely on predictions: If you havenít been keeping up with the teams all season, you may feel tempted to rely on predictions to help you win. While predictions usually do hold some merit, be sure to conduct your own research on teams, players and match-ups before making final decisions.

8. Allow for a little randomness: With so many teams, itís impossible to know what will happen. So again, plan for upsets by adding some lower-seeded teams with great talent to later rounds.

9. Follow talent: When looking at teams, consider those that have at least one NBA Lottery Pick, even if the team as a whole isnít fantastic.

10. Donít bank on the presidentís picks: Itís no secret that President Barack Obama is a March Madness fan, to say the least. But last year, of the last 20 college basketball teams to make the Final Four, he only correctly picked six of them. Not a horrible success rate, but not so great either.

Now that you have some tips to work with, bet within your NCAA March Madness 2014 bracket carefully so you can come out on top and ultimately boost your bank account thatís hungry for some green.

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