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Guide to Tax Day Post Office Hours for Last-Minute Tax Filers
For taxpayers who still need to file taxes or mail an amended return, the clock is ticking. Tomorrow is officially Tax Day, the deadline to have tax returns mailed to the IRS. Tax returns will need to be postmarked by midnight on April 15 if sent by mail, or e-filed by this time — otherwise, the filer will face a late penalty.
Tax Day Post Office Hours Shrinking Due to E-filing

Select offices of the U.S. Postal Service have stayed open late in past years, but fewer locations will have extended hours for tax day 2014.

“Ten years ago, the post offices were just mobbed with last-minute filers sending their paper tax forms through the mail,” said David Van Allen, a spokesman for the U.S. Postal Service in Ohio, to The Columbus Dispatch. “These days, we’re only a little bit busier on tax day than normal because of the popularity of online filing,” he explained.

The IRS expects to receive only 23 million paper tax returns this year, down 7 percent over last tax season.
USPS Offers Collection Boxes, Self-Serving Kiosks Over Extended Hours for Tax Day

The USPS said that most late filers will be heading to the post office between 7 and 11 p.m. on April 15 to meet the tax day deadline.

To accommodate last-minute filers without staying open to midnight, many post offices will have collection boxes placed outside of their locations, which may be used to mail returns weighing less than 13 oz. However, the USPS noted in a statement, “tax filers using a collection box should make certain that the posted pick-up time has not passed to ensure returns will receive the April 15 postmark.”

The USPS also stated that many post offices have Self-Serve Kiosks (SSKs) in their lobbies, which are accessible 24 hours a day and can be used for almost any postal transaction. Readers may contact the USPS at 1-800-ASK-USPS for to find their nearest office that offers deposit boxes or SSKs, or search in the USPS site for post offices with regular hours past 5 pm.
Post Offices with Extended Tax Day Hours By State

To help our readers quickly locate a nearby post office that is open late, GOBankingRates has rounded up this list of extended tax day post office hours by state. The list includes post offices open until midnight on April 15, 2014, or the offices with the latest hours. Please note that this list is meant to be a guide only, so be sure to verify all information with your local post office.

The USPS is not offering any extended hours or midnight collections at deposit boxes for Alabama post offices. Returns will need to be to the post office by the last schedule pickup.

No Alaska post offices are extending their hours for tax day, but each major city has a few post offices that will be open until 6 pm on Tax Day.

Phoenix Post Office
4949 E. Van Buren, Phoenix, AZ
Open until 9:30 pm.

U.S. Post Office Drive-through Drop-off
Phoenix Municipal Stadium Parking Lot
5999 E Van Buren St., Phoenix, AZ
Open until 9:30 pm — Drop offs only, stamps and other services not offered at this location.

Little Rock Processing & Distribution Center
4700 E. McCain Blvd, Little Rock, AR
Open until 8 pm.

Blue collection boxes will be set up at other select Arkansas post offices, with pickup times of 7 pm at the GMF in Ft. Smith and in Fayetteville at the Northwest P&DC

Fresno Post Office
1900 E St., Fresno CA
Open until 5 pm. Self-service kiosk available until 11:59 pm. Last collection pick up at 9 pm.

Los Angeles P&DC
7001 S. Central Ave., Los Angeles, CA
Open until 7 pm. Last collection pickup at midnight.

Oakland Main Post Office
1675 7th St., Oakland, CA
Open until 8:30 pm; mail collected from deposit boxes at 10 pm.

Sacramento Main Post Office
2000 Royal Oaks Dr., Sacrament, CA
Open until 6 pm. Self-serve kiosks available until 8:00 pm. Last pickup at 6 p.m.

San Bernadino P&DC
1900 W. Redlands Blvd., San Bernadino, CA
Open until 7:30 pm. Last collection at midnight.

San Diego Midway P&DF
2535 Midway Dr., San Diego, CA
Open until 5 pm. Last collection at midnight.

San Jose Main Post Office
1750 Lundy Ave., San Jose, CA
Open until 8:30 pm; mail collected from deposit boxes at 10 pm.

Santa Ana P&DC
3101 W. Sunflower Ave., Santa Ana, CA
Open until 7 pm. Last collection at midnight.

Denver GMF
7500 E. 53rd Place, Denver, CO
Open until midnight.

Deposit boxes also available at Longmont and Loveland, CO post offices, with last collection at midnight.

Hartford Post Office
141 Weston St., Hartford, CT
Open until 8 pm.

Windsor Locks – Bradley Airport Retail Post Office
10 Schoephoester Rd., Windsor Locks, CT
Open until 10 pm.

New Castle – Hares Corner Main Office Window
147 Quigley Blvd., New Castle, DE
Open until 10 pm. Last collection at midnight.

Fort Myers – Cape Coral Central Post Office
1030 SE 9th Ave., Fort Myers, FL
Open until 6:30 pm.

Orlando Main Post Office
10401 Post Office Blvd., Orlando, FL
Open until 11 pm. Last collection at midnight.

St. Petersburg Main Post Office
3135 1st Ave N., St. Peterstburg, FL
Open until 7 pm.

Tampa Main Post Office
3501 Bessie Coleman Blvd., Tampa, FL
Open until 10 pm.

Tampa, FL – Carrollwood Post Office
12651 N. Dale Mabry Hwy, Tampa, FL
Open until 7 pm.

Atlanta Post Office
3900 Crown Rd., Atlanta, GA
Open until midnight.

Duluth Posto Office
1605 Boggs Rd, Duluth, GA
Open until midnight.

Airport Post Office
Honolulu, HI
Open until 8:00 pm

26 post offices in Hawaii are also offering late pickup at midnight via the blue collection boxes outside their locations. See the full list here.

Boise P&DF
2201 S. Cole Rd., Boise, ID
Open until 8 pm. Self-service kiosks offering postmarking by midnight.

Pocatello Gateway Station
1750 Flandro Dr., Pocatello, ID
Open until 8 pm. Self-service kiosk offering postmarking by midnight.

Twin Falls – Pioneer Station
1376 Fillmore St., Twin Falls, ID
Open until 6 pm. Self-service kiosk offering postmarking by midnight.

Chicago Main Post Office
433 W. Harrison St., Chicago, IL
Open until midnight. Collectors will also be stationed on w. Harrison Street and S. Canal Street to accept tax return drop-offs until midnight.

Get to the post office early — post offices in Indiana are sticking to their usual hours and collection times for tax day. There are couple of post offices open until 5:30 pm in Cedar Rapids, and all post office in Indianapolis close by 5 pm.

Iowa post offices follow suit and operate during to its usual hours on tax day. The post office open the latest in the Des Moines area closes at 5:45 pm and is located at 3311 100th St., Urbandale, IA.

Post offices in Kansas are not offering extended hours on tax day. Wichita has post offices open until 5:30 pm.

Louisville Main PO
1420 Gardiner Ln., Louisville, KY
Open until 7 pm.

Lexington Post Office
1088 Nandino Blvd., Lexington, KY
Open until 8 pm.

Baton Rouge – Woodlawn Post Office
4700 Millwood Dr., Baton Rouge, LA
Open until 7 pm.

New Orleans Post Office
701 Loyola Ave., New Orleans, LA
Open until 7 pm.

Portland Post Office
125 Forest Ave., Portland, ME
Open until 7 pm.

Portland – Downtown Station
400 Congress St. Ste 9998, Portland, ME
Open until 7 pm.

Baltimore Post Office
900 E Fayette St. Room 118, Baltimore, MD
Open until 7 pm.

Boston Fort Point Post Office
25 Corchester Ave, Boston, MA
Open until midnight – Also offering tax help from IRS and volunteers from 4 p.m. to midnight

Holyoke – Ingleside Mall Post Office
50 Holyoke St., Holyoke, MA
Open until 7 pm.

Michigan post offices are only open during regularly scheduled hours for tax day. Several Grand Rapids post offices are open until 7 pm. Detroit also has several location open later, including the following location open until 10 pm.

Detroit General Post Office
1401 W Fort St. Room 1006, Detroit, MI
Open until 10 pm.

Minnesota post offices will not be offering extended hours for tax day, though several post office in Minneapolis and other cities have regular hours that extend to 7 pm.

Jackson Main Post Office
401 E. South St., Jackson, MI
Open until 7 pm.

Kansas City Post Office
300 Pershing Rd. Ste 251, Kansas City, MO
Open until 7 pm.

Saint Louis Main Post Office
1720 Market St. Room 3035, Saint Louis, MO
Open until 8 pm.

Post offices in Montana will be observing usual hours for tax day 2014, with the latest post offices in Billings, MT open until 5:30 pm.

Post offices in Nebraska are not offering extended hours for tax day, though Lincoln and Omaha each have a post office open until 6 pm.

Las Vegas Main Post Office
1001 E Sunset Rd., Las Vegas, NV
Open until 9 pm.
New Hampshire

Manchester Post Office
955 Goffs Falls Rd. Suite 998, Manchester, NH
Open until 7 pm.
New Jersey

Bellmawr Post Office
501 Benigno Blvd., Bellmawr NJ
Open until 10 pm. Last collection at midnight.
New Mexico

No New Mexico post offices are extending hours for tax day, though several locations’ regular hours extend to 6 pm.
New York

Buffalo – Cayuga Branch Post Office
185 Cayuga Rd., Cheektowaga, NY
Open until 9 pm.

Hicksville Post Office
185 W John St., Hicksville, NY
Open until 9 pm.

New York City – Grand Central Station
450 Lexington Ave. Fl 2, New York, NY
Open until 9 pm.

New York City – James A. Farley Post Office
421 8th Ave., New York, NY
Open until 10 pm.

Rochester Main Post Office
1335 Jefferson Rd., Rochester, NY
Open until 9 pm.
North Carolina

Get your tax in early — North Carolina post offices are observing regular hours for tax day, and nearly all close by 5 pm or earlier.
North Dakota

Post offices in North Dakota are open for regular hours only on tax day. Most post offices will be closed by 6 pm or sooner so plan to mail your return early.

Cleveland – AMC Finance Unit
5801 Postal Rd., Cleveland, OH
Open until midnight.

Oklahoma City Center Post Office
305 NW 5th St., Oklahoma City, OK
Open until 7 pm.

Tulsa AMF Retail Post Office
2161 N Cargo Rd. Ste A, Tulsa, OK
Open until midnight. Last pickup at 10:30 pm.

Portland Airport Post Office
7640 NE Airport Way, Portland, OR
Open until 10 pm. Last collection at 8:30 pm.

Pittsburgh Main Post Office
1001 California Ave. Rm 1002, Pittsburgh, PA
Open until 7 pm.
Rhode Island

The Providence Post Office
24 Corliss St., Providence, RI
Open until 9:00 pm
Postal employees all be available on West River Street from 4 to 8 pm to collect tax returns.
South Carolina

South Carolina post offices are closing at their regular times on tax day, so arrive early — by 5 pm for most locations.
South Dakota

It’s business as usual for South Dakota offices on tax day. Most locations are closed by 5 pm.

Nashville Main Office Window
525 Royal Pkwy, Nashville, TN
Open until 9 pm. Last collection at 8 pm.

Houston Main Post Office
401 Franklin St., Houston, TX
Open until 7 pm. Last collection at 8 pm.

San Antonio Airport Post Office
10250 John Saunders, San Antonio, TX
Open until 10:00 pm.

Provo East Bay Post Office
936 South 250 East, Provo, UT
Collection extended to 8:30 pm.

Salt Lake Main Post Office
1760 West 2100 South, Salt Lake City, UT
Collection extended to 8:15 pm.

Vermont post offices are observing regular hours for tax day, with most offices closing by 5:30 pm.

Post offices in Virginia are observing usual hours for tax day, and most close by 5 pm so plan to mail your return early.

Seattle – Riverton Station
15250 32nd Ave. S., Seattle, WA
Open until 6 pm. Last collection at midnight.

Spokane P&DC
2928 Spotted Rd., Spokane, WA
Last collection at midnight.

Tacoma Mail Processing Center
4001 S. Pine St., Tacoma, WA.
Open until 7 pm. Last collection at midnight.xz
West Virginia

Most post offices close by 6 pm on tax day, with no extended hours for the occasion.

Milwaukee Main Post Office
345 W Saint Paul Ave., Milwaukee, WI
Open until 9 pm. Last collection at 8 pm.

Wyoming post offices are open for regularly-schedule hours only on tax day; most close by 5:30 pm or earlier.
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