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The Fed’s Bank Stress Tests: What You Need to Know
The Federal Reserve completed its annual stress test of 30 big U.S. banks, and released the results last week. Of the 30 U.S. banks that were tested, 29 passed, including Bank of America, JPMorgan and Citigroup.

Why 87% of Consumers Think Banks Are Annoying on Social Media
Social media is often touted as an unparalleled marketing tool that can strengthen a brand and more efficiently address customer complaints and problems. But when it comes to their bank accounts, customers see it a different way.

Banks Are Suing Target For Doing Nothing to Stop The Data Breach
Target received several warnings that its payment system had been compromised and missed multiple opportunities to prevent the theft of its customers’ credit and debit card information on Dec. 19, 2013, the U.S. Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, & Transportation wrote in a report released Tuesday.

Is the Money in Your 401(k) Really Yours? How Vesting Works
Are you sitting down? Get ready to be shocked: Some of the money in your 401(k) program might not actually be yours. Don’t worry, the money that you contributed is almost certainly and verifiably yours. However, the part that your employer puts in as a matching donation is another matter. This is because you might not be vested. Knowing what vesting is and how it works at your company is a basic piece of financial literacy that no one with an employee-contributed 401(k) plan should be without.

Diebold FCU Designed This Cardless ATM For Millennials
The concept of using a mobile device as payment over credit or debit cards is not new, but it’s not yet a reality for most consumers. Members of Diebold Federal Credit Union (DFCU), however, will soon be the first in the world to be a able to access an ATM through their mobile phone, according to the Credit Union Times.

6 Unexpected Ways Spring Cleaning Will Save You Money
Many of us are struggling to find the time and energy to face it, but it is coming: spring cleaning. The thought of saving money can help if you need some extra motivation to get started on your spring cleaning to-do list.

Walmart Is Suing Visa for $5 Billion Over Swipe Fees
Every time a Walmart customer swipes a Visa debit or credit card, the store has to pay a processing fee to Visa. Sometimes called interchange fees or swipe fees, these can reach as high as 15 cents, plus 1.65 percent of the total transaction.

Quit Slacking: 3 Tips for Filing Taxes Last-Minute
It’s perfectly understandable to procrastinate on filing your taxes. After all, if you’ve worked at more than one company in the last year, filing could involve multiple W-2 or 1099 forms — and potentially the disagreeable task of dogging former employers for necessary information.

4 Tips to Cut Your Monthly Car Costs
Seeing your hard-earned money get drained month after month by recurring fees and expenses can be incredibly frustrating. Between the necessities of housing, transportation and food, it’s a common personal finance rule of thumb to allot a whole 50 percent of your income to cover these costs.

The Two Things Janet Yellen Says Our Economy Needs to Recover
Janet Yellen gave her first public speech as Federal Reserve Chair Monday to Chicago community organizers, commenting on the Fed’s efforts to strengthen the U.S. job market. The Bureau of Labor Statistic reports that employment has improved in 33 states, with the national jobless rate holding steady at 6.7% — the lowest it’s been since 2008.

5 Steps to Stop Living Paycheck to Paycheck
Are you living from paycheck to paycheck? If so, you are not alone. But the sooner you break free from this cycle, the sooner you can start on a path toward financial security. It takes some hard work, but this is an achievable goal for most people. Let’s take a look at how to break the cycle of living paycheck to paycheck and start working on a secure financial future and a robust savings account.

Mark Zuckerberg and Google Launch First-Ever Bitcoin Bank
Mark Zuckerberg has been on a roll lately. On the heels of last week’s $2 billion Oculus purchase, Facebook’s founder announced today a behind-the-scenes partnership with Google. What has been the big secret? G-Bank, a first-of-its-kind online bank that accepts the virtual currency, Bitcoin, exclusively, and a venture Zuckerberg is partially funding himself.

Obama Offers $1 Million For The Best Redesign of
The no-penalty cutoff to sign up for insurance coverage through the the health care exchange websites has come and gone, but the glitches users experienced on and individual state marketplaces kept many Americans from meeting President Barack Obama‘s deadline.

Mark Zuckerberg’s 2013 Salary Was Just $1
Mark Zuckerberg’s salary was in the single digits in 2013. To be exact, the Facebook CEO opted for a salary of just $1 last year, following in the footsteps of other major tech leaders who have cut their pay to $1 after their companies achieved success, according to Yahoo! Finance.

How to Build an Emergency Fund with Your Tax Refund
For those who receive a tax refund, it could be the largest payday of the year. However tempting it is to spend that money immediately on a big-ticket purchase, it’s wise for those who receive a substantial refund to put that money toward an emergency fund.

Anderson Cooper Calls Inheritances a “Curse”
CNN anchor Anderson Cooper should probably be thinking about padding his savings account, as he won’t be able to count on an inheritance from mother Gloria Vanderbilt. “My mom made it very clear to me that she would pay for my college and stuff and that was it. There’s no inheritance,” Cooper said on the Howard Stern radio show April 1, according to CNN.

Is an 850 Credit Score Possible?
Obtaining the highest credit score possible is an objective that was handed to consumers decades ago. In order to qualify for just about any kind of loan, including a credit card, car financing or mortgage, you need to show that you can handle the credit extended to you and pay it back on time. The closer you are to the perfect credit score of 850, the better your chances are of qualifying for just about anything you want. But is it even possible obtain this score, or is the number like Big Foot — supposedly real but no one ever sees it?

How Hackers Are Targeting ATMs at Small Banks and Credit Unions
Wednesday, the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC) released a warning to U.S. banks and credit unions that a new type of heist enacted through cyber attacks on ATMs is on the rise. These thefts, which the U.S. Secret Service is calling “unlimited operations,” are perpetrated by installing malware in a bank or credit union’s network. This alters the settings of an ATM, allowing attackers to “withdraw funds beyond the cash balance in customer accounts or beyond other control limits typically applied to ATM withdrawals,” according to the report.

Bad Credit? Getting Married Can Fix That
When two people get married, many aspects of their lives become shared. For better or for worse, that includes each other’s finances. The merging of bank accounts, sharing of living spaces and combining of incomes might all seem financially favorable, but if your spouse is entering the marriage with a poor credit score, that burden will become yours, as well.

Yes, You Can File State Tax Returns for Free
You only have a few days left to file your taxes. If it’s money that’s holding you back, know that there are a number of free income tax preparation and filing options out there, both for federal and state taxes. According to the IRS, approximately 70 percent of taxpayers are eligible to file for free.

A Healthy Diet Can Save You $85,790
Your waistline isn’t the only thing a healthy diet can trim. By eating healthier foods, you can also keep your savings account in great shape. In honor of World Health Day, April 7, we took a look at exactly how much money a healthy diet can save you.

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