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The Ministry of Defence can get better value from the private sector
In 1966, when I joined the British Army, the all-seasons sleeping kit was nothing more than a grey blanket and a groundsheet, readily recognisable to Wellington’s soldiers in the Peninsular War. Notions of comfort or warmth, it seemed, had not advanced since the early 1800s.
With a bit of luck the GDP figures could herald a domestic revival
Britain is growing again. That’s the message that needs to be taken from Thursday’s first-quarter GDP figures.
Government 'misguided' on LEPs, MPs warn
England’s new regional growth bodies are subject to a “misguided” funding policy from central government that is jeopardising their role as the “engine of local growth”, MPs have warned.
Spain cuts growth forecasts but says no need for 'major reforms'
Spain has downgraded its growth forecast for 2013 to -1.3pc, as the country’s deputy prime minister declared there was no need for major new reforms.
US economy grows by 2.5pc in first quarter
The US economy expanded by 2.5pc in the first three months of the year, though a sharp fall in government spending and tepid growth in March meant the rebound from a lacklustre fourth quarter was weaker than expected.
Bundesbank declares 'war' on Draghi plan
Germany’s Bundesbank has issued a devastating attack on the bond rescue policies of the European Central Bank, rendering the eurozone’s key crisis measure almost unworkable.
Martin Sorrell: Confidence higher than before Lehman crash
Businesses are more confident in themselves now than they were before the start of the financial crisis, Sir Martin Sorrell, the boss of WPP, has claimed.
Doing the IMF’s bidding would put Britain at risk
While British GDP fell 0.3pc during the final quarter of 2012, last week came news that our national income increased 0.3pc during the first three months of this year. That meant we avoided two successive quarters of contraction – the standard definition of “recession” and a state this country has already endured twice since the credit crunch was sparked in 2008.
We want to make heroes of entrepreneurs, say banking bosses
It has been one of the issues of the week. After the Bank of England confirmed The Sunday Telegraph’s report last weekend that its Funding for Lending scheme for small businesses would be extended, debate has raged about financial support for growing companies.
Do not be deceived by full cinemas, the popcorn effect strikes us all
As we now know, in the first quarter of this year, the UK economy defied the gloomsters and expanded by 0.3pc. So everything’s all right, then? Not quite.
Economy and growth hit by infrastructure plan 'chaos’
Chaotic decision making and lack of vision at the heart of the Government’s infrastructure plans are harming the economy and holding back growth, politicians and economists have warned.
UK manufacturing jobs to come home in next decade
As many as 200,000 manufacturing jobs will return to the UK over the next decade, cutting the trade deficit by a third, as outsourcing becomes increasingly “unattractive”, according to new research.
Improving credit conditions to drive rise in business lending, says E&Y Item Club
Improving credit conditions and falling bad debts will drive the first rise in business lending in four years, while the Government's revamped flagship lending scheme will make no "material difference", according to an influential forecasting body.
Eurozone confidence battered
Business and consumer confidence in the eurozone took a battering this month amid forecasts of a deeper recession than expected this year and jitters caused by the chaotic bail-out deal for Cyprus.
Cost of austerity measures is poor health
Recession-driven austerity measures aren't just bad for your wealth - they're harming your health.
Italian showdown with Germany as Enrico Letta rejects 'death by austerity'
Italy’s new premier Enrico Letta is on a collision course with Germany after vowing to end death by austerity, and warned that Europe itself faces a “crisis of legitimacy” unless it charges course.
French PM attacks ministers for using English
French Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault has asked his government to stop using English words in their work.
Eurozone risks Japan-style trap as deflation grinds closer
The eurozone is one shock away from a Japan-style deflation crisis after a key measure of prices fell to the lowest since the launch of the single currency.
China manufacturing growth slows
Manufacturing activity in China slowed slightly in April from the previous month, official data showed on Wednesday, in a sign of further weakness in the world's second-biggest economy.
Irish manufacturing output tumbles in April
Irish manufacturing output contracted at its fastest rate in almost four years in April, as sluggish demand both at home and abroad dragged down the eurozone economy.
Slowdown in economic giants fuels growth fears
Manufacturing activity in the world's two largest economies, the US and China, slowed in April, signalling weakening demand and casting doubt on global recovery.
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