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Lord Deighton: 'You can't just turn on infrastructure spending like a tap'
The Government’s infrastructure minister has dashed hopes that spending on road, rail and other public projects will deliver a quick recovery by claiming “you can’t manage it like that”.
UK factory index falls to 30 month low as Cyprus crisis hits manufacturers
Demand for British goods fell sharply this month, as shockwaves from the crisis in Cyprus saw a closely watched factory index fall to its lowest level in two and a half years.
QE is 'now a painkiller not an antibiotic'
Quantitative easing is now a "painkiller" which does not necessarily cure economic ills, but makes them easier to live with, a senior economist has told MPs.
Angela Merkel: 'Austerity makes it sound evil, I call it balancing the budget'
Angela Merkel tried to contain her irritation when asked at a podium discussion in Berlin whether southern European countries could take much more German-ordered austerity.
City heavyweights attack FTT
Two of the City’s heaviest hitters have declared Europe’s financial transaction tax “insane” and have thrown their weight behind the Government’s legal challenge against the 11 EU members pressing ahead with the levy.
World factory orders flash warning signals despite booming markets
A rash of weak manufacturing data from America, Europe and Asia has cast serious doubts on the strength of the global economy and was starkly at odds with surging stock markets in the West.
German business confidence slips
An index of German business confidence fell for a second month in April in the latest signal that Europe’s biggest economy is struggling to escape the troubles of the rest of the euro zone.
FTT backers fear tax will harm Europe's financial system
Fundamental legal concerns and fears over costs are a major obstacle among the 11 countries that have agreed to pursue a European Union financial transaction tax, leaked documents have revealed.
New FLS is no economic game changer but it should boost confidence
Britain's funding for lending cheap credit scheme to boost growth has garnered a degree of international acclaim in the nine months it's been running. Its “success has been noted around the world”, George Osborne claimed on Wednesday.
Banks given state subsidies to help small business
Banks have been handed generous taxpayer-backed incentives to boost lending to small businesses under a revamped Funding for Lending scheme that the Chancellor claimed will “support the real economy”.
Drax's £75m loan marks first for guarantee scheme
The Treasury is to underpin a £75m loan for the Drax power station in North Yorkshire, marking the first project to be financed using the Government’s £40bn infrastructure guarantee scheme.
Italy needs Churchillian leader to fight 'war damage' of EU austerity
Old ways die hard. Two months after Italian voters rebelled in fury against the establishment, the country’s elites have chosen yet another insider to be leader.
Mothers needed to save the economy
Stay-at-home mothers would help to revive Britain’s economy by returning to work after having a baby, the Government has suggested.
GDP reaction: fears Britain suffering Japan-like stagnation
Vince Cable today warned of “serious issues” facing the economy even though official figures showed that Britain escaped an unprecedented triple-dip recession.
History tells us that GDP estimates are unreliable
Britain's economy grew by 0.3pc in the first three months of the year. But past experience suggests that the true figure could be even higher.
Pain in Spain drives South Americans back home
The country was one of the fastest growing in the European Union, having introduced the euro a year previously, and unemployment was steadily falling. Prime minister Jose Maria Aznar had just been re-elected, and money was pouring into infrastructure, business ventures and creative industries.
Could first quarter growth be the start of the real recovery?
George Osborne had good reason to celebrate on Thursday. The triple-dip recession was averted. Growth of 0.3pc in the first quarter was even better than the optimists dared hope. And Britain’s vital services sector edged further above its pre-recession high.
Pound jumps as UK steers clear of triple dip
Britain has escaped an unprecedented triple-dip recession after the economy grew by a forecast-busting 0.3pc in the first three months of the year.
Will Angela Merkel be the Abraham Lincoln of her age?
George Osborne will have been turning cartwheels in his office after learning of the latest GDP figures, which confirmed evidence of a slowly recovering economy and denied Labour the satisfaction of being able to declare a “triple-dip” recession. Yet encouraging though the headline number was, the detail continues to look pretty grim, with growth, such as it is, still highly reliant on services, household spending and government consumption.
A small step forwards
This is hardly the moment to break out the bunting, but the news that GDP grew by 0.3 per cent in the first quarter of the year – according to provisional estimates – is a welcome shot in the arm for the Government ahead of next week’s local elections. Not only does it confirm that the economy has avoided a triple-dip recession, but it suggests that the cold winter and the eurozone’s continuing travails have not completely choked off the green shoots of recovery. The Office for National Statistics’ report also gives the lie to the argument that George Osborne’s austerity programme has inflicted savage damage on the economy – not least because its extent has been strictly limited. Government spending was in fact up both year-on-year and quarter-on-quarter.
'I want to leave': Interview with minister goes viral
Argentina's Economy Minister has become the talk of Twitter in the South American country after a video of him trying to leave an interview when asked about inflation went viral.
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